Engagement: Je t'adore San Francisco

All images ©Mama-T 2014

This photo session was exciting for me, because I got the opportunity to put special care and thought into each location, and scene. It was fun to collaborate with the couple on the style and feeling they wanted for their images.

I really love documenting people's environments, how cool is their apartment?

doggy was dressed up in his bow tie for the shoot.

Our first stop was Lafayette Park for a Picnic, this is also the park where their ceremony will be held.

The ring!

Then we headed off for a motorcycle ride and found a pretty incredible view.

We finished the day at Garcon, a French Bistro, where the couple first met.

Congratulations to this lovely couple, and thank you to the owner of Garcon for letting us drink champagne and crawl around on the bar. I photograph Engagements and Weddings year round. Message me for more information. All images ©Mama-T 2014