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Lets make dreamy lifestyle engagement images together…

I treat my engagement sessions like a mini adventure. Before our session we choose two beautiful outdoor locations together, and two outfits to coordinate with the environment. Then we are off to explore beautiful landscapes…

I feel that the best way to document a couples connection is through candid and documentary style photography specifically in nature. We are wired to be outside, and the stress reducing qualities of being in the forrest, at the beach or strolling through a field will aid us in making beautiful images together.

I am a easy going and down to earth person, and I take the no pressure approach so that we can all breathe, laugh and share positive energy together.

Why take engagement photos? Engagement imagery is very useful…

• Share the photos with your friends and family • Use images to accompany your social media engagement announcement • Use images for your save the date cards, invitations and thank you cards • Make a photo album/guestbook for friends to sign at your wedding • Print and frame images to display at your welcome table • Beautiful Imagery makes your your wedding website stand out • Finally, us shooting together before your wedding day is a great way to get comfortable being in front of the camera and us being able to get to know each other and connect before your event.

Couples who book wedding photography with me receive $50.00 off their engagement session